I believe people are in flux and evolving on their path. I offer my clients additional and alternate perspectives. I coach my clients around those insights.

Coaching does not require certification or qualifications. Coaches think outside of boxes and come from all walks of life and coach many different parts of life. They ask questions that provoke insight. They help clients see solutions out side of their own boxes.

It is important like working with any professional in your life that you have a coversation before an agreement is made. Evaluation for your preference is key and your decision about a coach needs to be a “HECK YES.” That yes is based on a level of trust you feel from the conversations.

Coaching can improve:
Relationships, Create Business, Acheive Work/Life Balance, help create New Business or Grow Current Business and embrace life’s transitions.

Therapy helps people recover from:
Past trauma and explore why past relationships personal or business have been destructive. Therapy helps people work through divorce and the death of a loved one. Therapy works with anxiety or depression that can affect work or home function.

Therapy can make a medical diagnosis while coaching cannot.

Do you NEED help? Chances are if you need help you need therapy?