Delirium musicum

An Intimate Concert
Live at the Village Studios 

Inspiring Audiences with Ecstatic, Impassioned Music Making










With special poetry readings provided by:


LYNNE THOMPSON, Poet Laureate of Los Angeles

About Delirium Musicum

Delirum Musicum

Performances that Take Your Breath Away

The musicians who make up Delirium Musicum make sure each concert is an immediate, visceral experience for their audiences. Their impassioned performances grab hold of concert-goers’ emotions and don’t let go. The musicans are among the top up-and-coming performers in classical music, and draw from Los Angeles’ crackling artistic energy. The experience is awe-inspiring, from the first moment that a bow is drawn across a string until the very last note!


Etienne Gara

Founder and Artistic Director

French-born violinist Etienne Gara has performed extensively worldwide in some of the most renowned venues, including recurring international appearances at Itzhak Perlman’s Chamber Music Festival. Dedicated to crossing musical boundaries, he appeared on Leonard Cohen’s last album, collaborated with Benjamin Millepied and the LA Dance Project, founded the award-winning Sunset Club Trio, which combined violin with flamenco and electric guitar in arrangements of great classical repertoire, and created Sketches of Miles, a multi-stylistic exploration inspired by the work of Miles Davis. Newly named Artist in Residence at The Soraya, he has held the same position since 2019 at USC’s Brain and Creativity Institute where he recorded his French Recital CD on the Leonora Jackson Stradivarius from 1714.

delrium musicum

Delirium Musicum is all about the ecstatic sense of togetherness that music can inspire. It’s also about a new generation of classical musician who brings a fresh approach to the old masters and enthusiasm for the new. The love and excitement my colleagues and I have playing together creates a bond on stage that allows us to be spontaneous. We enjoy the thrill of being on the “edge”; it generates an energy that pulls the audience into our performances and brings them along with us.

Red Hen Press

Red Hen Press

The mission of Red Hen Press is to publish works of literary excellence, to foster diversity, and to promote literacy in our local schools. We seek a community of readers and writers who are actively engaged in the essential human practice known as literature.

Learn more about Red Hen Press by visiting:

Stick Figure Productions would like to sincerely thank Dr. Kate Gale, Co-founder and Managing Editor of Ren Hen Press, for providing the poetry readings.

Village Studios

Gold Records


Walk in through the front door of this iconic studio, past rows of Gold Records, on your way to your concert seat in the Auditorium

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Delirium Musicum

Live at the Village Studios